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The quickest way to enter the Chinese market is through local connections. However, one of the most important points of failure when doing business with China is finding a suitable partner for your company. Chinese companies found online often act as intermediaries rather than manufacturers, sourcing products from different companies with varying quality and standards in the market. 

They also frequently make changes to prices and delivery terms, putting the importing company’s operations in a difficult situation, and can completely cut off communication without taking any responsibility for product quality and delivery issues. As CTTIP Consultancy and International Trade Inc., we undertake these risks on behalf of our customers and take all necessary measures to protect our customers’ rights by communicating directly with Chinese suppliers.

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Communication Services

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Additionally, we provide you with an interpreter for all official and private translation services you may need during your visit to China, and we also follow up on your necessary documentation processes through our affiliated sworn translation offices if needed.


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